Sunday, February 21, 2010


I did some portfolio sessions last fall that turned out AMAZING. Everyone was so great to work with and we captured some really fun images. I can't wait to finally put them on my new blog that I am working on.

So, the reason I'm telling you this is because I have decided to offer ONE MORE giveaway session. It's not necessarily for my website portfolio, but it may end up going there. I'm just in the giving mood and want to meet some new faces! It seems like a lot of families are struggling financially, so maybe this is someone's chance to get their pictures taken without having to spend a lot.

CONTEST INFO: It's simple, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT and tell me why you/or your child deserves to have a complimentary photo session with me. Winner will be chosen randomly on February 28th. Tell your friends and family to come and take a look at my blog to have a chance at the free session, too.

Thanks, Jess


**** There will be no charge for the photo session ($150 value), but a print minimum of $200 is required. Complimentary, you will get a medium res. CD of 25 of the photographers favorite images, an 8x10 print and mini-cards to hand out with an image from your session. Package collections can be applied to this promotion.


Sabrina said...

Are family members and soon-to-be family members excluded from this offer? :)

i can carry all the shopping bags and the babies too. said...

I think I would like the giveaway because I am the first person to respond and my kids are SO adorable!!

Lauren Ricci said...

I was just wondering why you hadn't updated your personal blog in a while and then I realized you have to be invited. :) I would love to keep up with you so if you want to send me an invite, my email is

Great seeing you the other day!

jwjustme1 said...

I would love to have my little one's pictures done professionally. We haven't yet and he is 4 months old.