Monday, June 8, 2009

Why does Custom Photography Cost More?

I found this article a few months back and wanted to stand up and cheer!  For all of us custom photographers out there, we are asked the question quite frequently "why do your 8x10's cost anywhere from $15-$40 (this a price range from different photographers I've seen here in Utah), when I can get one at Costco or Walmart for less than a few dollars?"

It is hard to explain the time and effort (the blood sweat and tears, as I would call it) that goes into our custom product.  So for all of you who would like to know why my prices (and many other Utah photographer's prices) are what they are, please click on the link and it will completely explain why!
With this note in mind, I appreciate each of my clients who see the value in custom photography.  They know that they are getting much more than a quick shoot down at the mall.  They are getting a unique experience that is completely "hand-made" for them. 

Please go to the following link below for a great education on custom photography!