Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer Days...


My son and I went to the neighborhood park today.  We had so much fun splashing in puddles, riding bikes and climbing like monkeys... we'll, let's just say that my son had fun doing this, not me.  A few weeks ago, I tried to barrel through the tunnel on the jungle gym and just about got stuck with my pregnant belly being about the same size as the tunnel!  A neighbor was walking by at the time, and I'm sure he was wondering what the heck I was trying to do... or maybe he was thinking that he needed to call the fire department to come get me out!  So, I've decided I need to not make a scene anymore, and leave the child's play equipment for well.... children.  At least for now....until I can get my body back!
Well, just thought I would share...I just can't believe how much I love my little guy.  He's growing up so fast and becoming sooo much fun! 
Later everyone!

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JennAlba said...

Jess! Congratulations! When are you due? Love your pics! Jenn