Friday, June 20, 2008

The face of Bliss Portraits

Ever wondered WHO Bliss Portraits is?  Well, here's a few photos.  I had to share them to show you just how well my friend Raquel Allen captured me!  Remember the photo exchange I did with her not too long ago?  Here's a glimpse of the results.  You can check out her portraits that I shot of her a few posts back.  

To see her amazing work, go to  Thanks again, Raquel, for all the fun!  Let's shoot again...I think I've got a connection with an up and coming model if you are interested!


Raquel said...

YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! I already chose the pics I want for my new website. YES I want to meet the up and coming model and shoot her if she is interested in free pics!

LovinCarson said...

Jess, I love these pictures... especially of the last. As far as I'm concerned, you're the up-and-coming model!!! :) Love you! xoxo

Mom of Mix Kids said...

Look at you. You are so stunning. Beautiful. I love these pictures. pics, who wouldn't be interested in free pics?!?! lol Especially if they were shot by you. You're great. You and Jessica sure do have some talent.

Lisa said...

WOW JESS! Hot stuff!! I love these pics of you!! I bet Nathan loves them too ;)

You're too hot to be a mom! I don't think I can live by you....JK