Sunday, April 6, 2008

Check out Raquel!

Sneak Peak!  I've got more for you, Raquel... so check back.  

Raquel and I had a "photo exchange" on Saturday.  We are both in the portrait business and decided that it was time that we had some decent photos of ourselves.  So we turned our cameras on each other!  We had so much fun and both of us realized that we are much more comfortable BEHIND the camera than in front of it!  (Although, I think Raquel looks stunning in the image below! She looks so natural and comfortable... what a hottie!)  It was good for me to experience what my clients feel when doing a photo shoot.  

Oh and yes... you'll get to see a few of me.  Yikes!  I'm nervous!

I had so much fun doing this, Raquel!  Thank you! 

Here's Raquel's website...

Until next time...

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Raquel said...

AHAHAHA I just posted your pictures and hadn't seen this post. We said the same things. I had a GREAT time we need to get together more often!