Friday, October 24, 2008

Bedrest and in need of a pedicure! about a week ago, I woke up feeling a little strange.  I went to the bathroom and found that I was bleeding HEAVILY.  I won't go into details to spare the faint in heart, but let's just say that I was really worried that I would either have the baby there in the bathroom or that he was no longer living inside my belly.  To make matters more scary, because of my blood type, I have to avoid bleeding like the plaque because it could actually harm my baby (the RH can read about it online).  Luckily, I had just had my Rogam shot which is supposed to protect the baby, should our blood ever mix during pregnancy.  Nonetheless, we were extremely worried....we rushed to the hospital, they ran tests, did an ultrasound and had found that my placenta had lifted a little.  Who knows why...I can't remember doing any crazy cartwheels or stunts, but obviously my body was reacting to something.  The doctor said it could even be from the baby's movement.  That, I would not doubt, because this baby MOVES like crazy.  If you ever want to see a SI-FI moment, come over and watch my belly move into odd shapes as my baby stretches out.  You can literally see a fist slide around like he's just playing under a thin sheet.  So, back to the hospital.  I stayed there overnight, as they kept me hooked to an I.V which made me urinate all too often!  I had minor contractions which they were able to stop, thankfully.  My little guy is only 32 weeks as of wednesday.  He needs to cook a little longer!  Baby is doing fine, but I've got to take it easy now.
So life has slowed way doctor put me on bedrest for at least another month.  He told me at my last visit that he was very surprised at how well I was doing...I think he really expected me to have my baby this past week!  

So bedrest.....what in the heck does that even mean?  I don't think I even know what resting in bed is.  My idea of "slowing down" consists of catching up on all the things that I normally can't get to (unpacking boxes that we still haven't looked at since we moved, catching up on personal stuff like baby books, editing Andrew's 3 year old pictures....I've been trying to get to these for the past 6 months! and finishing up my last photography projects before the year is over).  My doc will let me sit up and work a little from a computer, but I've really got to tame myself and SLOW DOWN for once in my life.  Not sure how to do it, but it's vital for my little baby right now.  

So what does this mean for Bliss Portraits?  It means that everything is slightly on hold or at least slowed down for now.  I have to take it one day at a time.  Plan on some great things for the new year in 2009, but for now....I'm on a long holiday....if you want to call it that!  

P.S.  I know my nail polish looks awful in this picture!  What do you expect when I am as large as the moon and catch reach my toe nails!  Nathan... it's time for another pedicure, baby!



Lauren Ricci said...

I am glad you and the baby are ok. How scary! Enjoy the rest as much as you can. Bedrest has to be awful but I am sure you will have your hands totally full when he gets here. Take care of yourself!

collette crew said...

whoa! how scary! I am so glad to hear everything is turning out fine. Please let me know if you need anything at all. I am mostly home and would love to help. I am so glad you commented- I would love to keep in touch. sometimes being in another ward seems like worlds apart- but I would love to get together sometime. good luck with this little life chapter. hopefully some bed rest will be a good chance to get some good relaxing in. take care!

gb said...

I have no idea why I didn't check this blog when I was wondering how you were doing. It was a real scare for us all. Good to know you're doing well, sis.

Also, this would be an awesome story to share on Trusera (you know, that little website I happen to design, other than yours, of course). I had no idea what the whole RH factor stuff was... are you A- like I am? That's got me all concerned for that eventual day when we spawn...